Brochures and Multi-page Documents

Packs of Information

brochuresEvery traveler knows that in order to go on an effective vacation, they first must stop at a local welcome center or rest stop. Why you may ask? The answer is for the special stop tri-fold brochures cluttering up the brochure racks inside. Showing you the coolest sites to see in the area.

Every business needs to get their word out and brochures and marketing materials are a great way of doing that. We have the expertise to design the simplest or the most complex brochure or marketing material you can think of.


Brochures are defined pieces of information to tell about a certain product or service. Most of the time these pieces are tri-folds. These are one-sheet pieces folded to 3, 4 or more panels per piece. We have competitive printing prices on these types of applications. Check out our pricing section for up-to-date pricing information if you are look at these types of brochures.

Booklet Brochures

Other types of brochures can range from Booklets that have 8-12 pages describing your business or product lines.

Presentation Folders

These types of documents can have a multitude of uses. They can be designed as pocket folders with inset pages to give an ALL-IN-ONE application.


Many retail outlets need to get their product out to the consumer and catalogs are a great way of doing that. But what is the difference between a catalog and a brochure? Well, Catalogs are produced to send out to sell products and services right out the booklet. We have created a number of different catalogs, ranging from 4 - 100+ pages. And we can offer a competitive estimate to print these as well.

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